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Family Legacy (Part 1)- Will you let them know your heart?

September 25th 2018 | 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

Beverly Cox | (253) 858-5567 |
Location: Tacoma Community College

This is a one night only class at TCC - GH taught by Beverly Cox, CFP, CAP. With a Part 2 class on the following Sept 2 at 6-730pm same location. This Part is about Family Legacy and introduces tools and ideas to help facilitate creative thinking on how you can tell your stories, to your kids, grandkids and future generations. How you can determine your most important values and create Legacy Letters and/or Ethical wills that will enrich you and your family in truly heartfelt ways. We'll have stimulating questions to stir thoughts and collaborative exchanges between attendees and me. The intention is to help you memorialize and pass on your best self, your well lived life and the wisdom you've acquired that's most special to your family. We'll touch on tools and strategies of charitable giving but more on that in Part 2.