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Orca Recovery Day at Tacoma Narrows Park

November 10th 2018 | 10:00 am - 2:00 pm

Camila Matamala-Ost | (253) 845-9770 ext 126 |
Location: Tacoma Narrows Park, 1502 Lucille Parkway, Gig Harbor | Cost: free

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A first-ever region wide day of action to connect people to Puget Sound, our critically endangered Southern Resident Killer Whales, and the work we all need to do to save them. A celebration of the place we call home and the most iconic species of the Pacific Northwest. Ten Conservation Districts across the Puget Sound will host restoration events that address two of the primary causes of orca whale decline: malnutrition due to salmon scarcity and increasing water pollution.

Day of Activities:   

We'll be planting shrubs along the shoreline of the Puget Sound. Shorelines are important habitat for juvenile salmon and their food. Removing trees and shrubs from the shoreline has made that habitat worse for the salmon by warming the water and reducing the habitat for their food sources. But planting trees on November 10th will make that habitat better for salmon in the long run!


This means more salmon with survive into adulthood, which means more food for our Southern Resident Orcas! Which means a more thriving Orca population!

In addition to planting we'll have organizations that are also working to save Orcas there for you to interact with. 

Other Actions You Can Take:
Click Here for examples of what you can do beyond Orca Recovery Day to help resolve this issue.

Learn More:

  • Learn more about our Southern Resident Orcas here.
  • You can read the Orca Recovery Task Force draft recommendations here
  • Go to to see what other projects are happening all around Puget Sound!