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2016 Crime Statistics Released, Gig Harbor Sees Decline In Violent Crime

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Press Release

September 27, 2017

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(Gig Harbor) The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) released the annual Crime in the U.S. report this week. This report closely mirrors the more thorough 2016 Crime in Washington Report published earlier this year by the Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs (WASPC).

Both reports indicate that Gig Harbor remains a comparatively safe city. Overall, violent crime is down 11% from 27 reported incidents in 2015 to 24 reported incidents in 2016. Aggravated assaults also dropped over 30%, but simple assault was up approximately 5% from 57 to 60 reported incidents over the previous year.

Statistics show a slight increase in property crimes from the previous years. Reported thefts increased from 380 to 451 incidents. Many of these incidents are related to shoplifting and organized retail theft. The Gig Harbor Police Department has collaborated with retailers to improve their loss prevention policies and make their stores more secure.

Police Chief Kelly Busey said, “With the increase in both population and retailers within the city, we are going to be experiencing a bit more crime. Certainly, our patrol officers are much busier these days, but overall, Gig Harbor is a fairly low-crime city. We continue to work with our community partners to address emerging problems.”

The City of Gig Harbor City Council has authorized the hiring of up to four new Police Officer positions in the 2017-18 budget. So far, two of these positions have been filled, with another candidate in the final stages of the hiring process. Year-end revenue reports will determine if the fourth position will be added in 2018. The Gig Harbor Police Department is currently staffed with 20 commissioned officers.

The 2016 FBI Crime in the U.S. Report can be found at

The 2016 WASPC Crime in Washington Report can be found at

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