Midway Schoolhouse at the Harbor History Museum

Gig Harbor is steeped in maritime history with boat building and commercial fishing playing a major role in the development of the area. But Gig Harbor was more - an agricultural center, logging and lumber area and Native American fishing grounds.

Throughout our region we cherish and preserve much of this history for our residents and our visitors to remember and enjoy!

In the heart of downtown Gig Harbor is the Harbor History Museum. It offers 7,000 square feet of permanent galleries showcasing the rich, unique heritage of the Gig Harbor Peninsula. Unique artifacts, video kiosks, hands-on exhibits, computer interactives, and a small theater bring Peninsula history to life in our permanent galleries.

Gig Harbor holds historic preservation in high regard. Other historic sites include:
Eddon Boat Building
Wilkinson Barn
Gig Harbor's Historic Netsheds

In 1950, the historic Narrows Bridge collapse put Gig Harbor on the map. Watch the Galloping Gertie Video. See video here.

In addition, to the above locals, the greater Gig Harbor Peninsula is home to the Fox Island Museum and the Key Peninsula Museum.