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26th Annual Gig Harbor Basket Brigade is Just Around the Corner

basket brigade
One Peninsula Joining Together to Give Thanks and Share Blessings

Starting the Gig Harbor Basket Brigade in 1993, to provide full Thanksgiving meals to eight unsuspecting families in need, founder David Cathers has seen the effort grow by nearly 200% over the past 25 years.

Key to the success of the Basket Brigade is community spirit. Powered 100% by volunteers across the years, the Basket Brigade was able to provide some 1,500 local families, and area military families, with Thanksgiving baskets thank to the outpour of community donations, volunteers and financial support. During the two-day operation which consists of gathering food donations, packing baskets and delivery of baskets to area families, over 450 volunteers came together to give back to their community in 2018.

The Basket Brigade officially became a project under the Greater Gig Harbor Foundation in 2016. Cathers has praised the work of the Foundation and is grateful for the support provided under. David sits on the Foundation’s Social Capital Core Area Board and notes that, “It’s a great partnership. Through the foundation, we have been able to save on expenses and leverage resources to help make the most of every donation,” Cathers said.

At the end of September each year the Basket Brigade’s working committee gets to work on efforts to raise essential food and funds needed for the baskets. By the time mid-November rolls around, the shift turns to ensuring enough helping hands are available to help put baskets together, each containing a special note: “This basket comes to you from someone who cares about you. All we ask is that you take care of yourself well enough to do this for someone else someday.”

This simple caring message has created continued support for the program and many former basket recipients now join to help others, as volunteers. “Everybody is doing their part, and that makes a big difference,” Cathers says.

Cathers remains at the heart of the Basket Brigade. His hope is that the program will continue to grow and that others will join in. This year we will be packing baskets at Tacoma Narrows Airport on Tuesday, November 26th 4 PM – 7 PM, and Wednesday, November 27th 11 AM – 3 PM. You can get involved in the 2019 Basket Brigade by:
Donating food; boxed and canned goods, baby food and formula,
Making a donation to help purchase food and other items for the Thanksgiving boxes,
Volunteering time to help families in need.

For more information, contact:
David Cathers, Gig Harbor Basket Brigade Chair
Gig Harbor Basket Brigade | 253.278.9251

Ariel Gustanski, Director of Marketing and Business Development Greater Gig Harbor Foundation | 253.278.9251

About the Greater Gig Harbor Foundation

The Greater Gig Harbor Foundation (GGHF) is the only community foundation specifically working to meet the diverse needs of our greater Gig Harbor and Key Peninsula communities. The charitable 501 (C)(3) nonprofit organization has invested more than $8 million in grants, scholarships, land, equipment, and volunteer labor during its 13-year history. At its core, the GGHF is an organization created with gifts from generous people committed to local causes. For donors, the Foundation serves as a philanthropic advisor. For the community, the Foundation serves as a grant maker and a civic leader. Through the support of its donors, volunteers and fundholders, the Foundation has been able to address some of the community’s most pressing needs. For more information, visit