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4th Annual Donkey Creek Chum Festival in Gig Harbor

 Gig Harbor Wash; September 27 --   Saturday October 16th, it’s time to celebrate salmon in Gig Harbor at the 4th annual Donkey Creek Chum Festival. 


Since 1972 the Gig Harbor Commercial Fishermen’s Club has incubated salmon eggs at Donkey Creek, the creek that feeds into the head of Gig Harbor Bay.  Each year the fishermen release over 1 million fry into Gig Harbor.  Every fall, mature salmon find their way home from the open sea back to the Austin Estuary, and up Donkey Creek to spawn.


This alone is worth a celebration.  But there is more.  The Donkey Creek Chum Festival also celebrates the partnership of all who admire and cherish the success of the salmon: local environmental groups, local recreation and kayak club, the Puyallup Tribe and average Gig Harbor citizens.


In celebration of this annual event, the Fishermen’s Club, the Gig Harbor Canoe & Kayak Club, Harbor WildWatch, the City of Gig Harbor, the Harbor History Museum, the Puyallup Tribe of Indians, downtown merchants, the Pierce Stream Team, KGI Watershed Council, Hood Canal SEG, Friends of Pierce County, Crescent Valley Alliance, Great Peninsula Conservancy, HDR/Fishpro, PenMet Foundation, Citizens for a Healthy Bay and the Gig Harbor Kiwanis have joined hands to promote a better understanding of and improve the conditions of our salmon and watershed.  In Gig Harbor it takes a fish to raise a village!


The October 16th event begins at 10am with booths and kids events including pressed salmon art, child with a chum photography and more.  Chum Burgers are on the grill beginning at noon and kayak races are from 2-3:30pm.


New this year, the Puyallup Tribe will have a booth and provide insight to their early presence on the Peninsula.  In addition the new Harbor History Museum will be open with spectacular displays and activities that offer Chum-goers a look into Gig Harbor’s past.  Tickets for the museum are $6 for adults with reduced rates for juniors.  Museum members are free.


The event takes place where Harborview meets North Harborview in beautiful waterfront Gig Harbor.


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Gig Harbor, Washington’s Maritime Village.