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Anticipated Upcoming Project Schedule

Utility relocation work will continue through August. The City’s contractor, Active Construction, Inc. (ACI), will be working at night during the next week.

Work scheduled for the next two weeks:

· install the new sewer pipe on Pt. Fosdick Dr. (night)

· install storm drainage filtration system on Pt. Fosdick Dr. (night)

· construct storm drainage pipes & basins on Pt. Fosdick Dr.

Project Milestones

The two large drainage detention tank systems, one on 56th Street & the other on Point Fosdick Drive, are complete.

Upcoming Public Communication

Regular project updates will continue to be disseminated to stakeholders by email, posted on the City web site and placed at the Civic Center. Project information will also be made available through the City Marketing Department.


If you would like to receive project information and construction updates and be included on our stakeholders list, please provide your contact information to Jami Chunn at or (253) 853-7625 and indicate that you wish to be added to the stakeholders list for the 56th Street/Point Fosdick Drive Improvement Project. Also, please check the City’s website ( for routine project updates and notices.


If there are any questions please contact Marcos McGraw, Project Engineer at or (253) 853-2647.

All businesses are open during construction. The public is encouraged to patronize the local businesses during and after construction!