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Abigail’s Concierge Services LLC is thrilled to be teaming up with Genius Delivery (, bringing a state of the art online ordering, checkout and grocery delivery service to the residents of Gig Harbor and Fox Island.

Abigail’s Concierge, already a novel and innovative business concept, has expanded beyond their Homewatch and Girl Friday services offering home repair and maintenance work as well as vacation rental management. Partnering with Genius Delivery is a natural expansion of services which the local community is more than ready for.

Genius Delivery, co-founded and led by Brodie Yastrum, is another homegrown entrepreneurial enterprise. Brodie hails from Gig Harbor. He graduated from Peninsula High School as valedictorian and from the University of Washington in Seattle with a degree in business. Although he’s a local guy, Brodie has big plans. Genius Delivery is currently rolling out their technology nationwide.

”When we got the call from Brodie and looked at the website all we could say was, where do we sign?” said Abigail Lovell, business owner. “We have had the option of grocery delivery service since opening, specifically to serve boaters but, the kind of interactive, easy to use, integrated website that these young hotshot guys created is truly amazing. It kind of reminds me of the launch of Facebook, Apple and Microsoft” She added.

Although similar online grocery delivery companies have come and gone what makes Genius Delivery different is their commitment to offering delivery from all of the grocery stores that people already love (starting with Costco and Safeway). Most amazing is what’s in store for the future. Genius Delivery is currently working on a patent-pending technology that allows customers to virtually browse the aisles of a grocery store and add items right off the shelf.

The name Genius Delivery comes from the new and unique way that their technology calculates a delivery fee. Instead of charging 20% or 30% of the receipt amount as the delivery fee, Genius Delivery's technology calculates a delivery fee based upon the time it's going to take to shop for and deliver the order. In this way, the delivery fee is as low as possible and more accurately reflects the costs associated with offering grocery delivery.

"We’re thinking beyond serving boaters now.” Says Abigail Lovell. “Our community really needs this kind of service. We have busy family’s, residents who already spend too much time commuting to Seattle to have to worry about grocery shopping too. Most importantly we have a very large community of elder residents. Many that for one reason or another need extra help like this. And so many elderly residents don’t have family close by. We want to let their family members know that we’re here to help and serve. To relieve some of the stress and worry that kids feel when they can’t be close by to help their parents.” A common situation for a lot of Americans who are book ended by two generations. Dependant children at home and parents who are getting older. “It also ties in very nicely with our Vacation Rental program. Vacationers who are coming into the area will be arriving to a fully stocked pantry and fridge. How convenient is that!.” Added Abigail.

Not only does Abigail’s deliver but they’re available to come out, at no charge, to run through the website with those residents who would like some one on one help learning how to navigate through the Genius Delivery website ( And they don’t limit deliveries to groceries, they’ll pick up prescriptions, dry cleaning, mail etc…

“We want to be the go to number you call whether you need groceries delivered, moss cleaned off your roof or need us to pet sit while you go on vacation.” Abigail stated. “We’re here to serve and partnering with vendors like Genius Delivery and our amazing sub contractors allows us to do that at a level that’s unprecedented.”

For more information and a complete list of services, please call

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