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Abigail’s Concierge Services LLC now open and creating a buzz and filling a niche in Gig Harbor

Full service, turnkey home watch and concierge business opens in the Gig Harbor area pointing an increasing need to provide services to an expanding population of baby boomers reaching retirement age. Growth of US population 65 years+ is expected to grow by 89% by year 2030.


Although similar businesses in other resort and vacation home communities around the nation are already catering to heavy Snowbird populations the serious lack of a similar service in the Gig Harbor area has this company eager to fill the gap and will be the first of its kind in area.


“Gig Harbor and the Fox Island areas are home to a large Snowbird population that head south for the winter. They often worry about their homes when away. Power outages, pipes leaking, security issues, possible storm damage. All manner of things that can happen when a home is not lived in” said Abigail Lovell, business


“A burst water pipe can ruin a home if it’s not noticed and taken care of immediately. Unfortunately neighbors, friends and family can not always be trusted to do a thorough walk through. And aren’t always prepared to handle emergencies,” She added.


What sets Abigail’s Concierge Services LLC apart she said is “Our commitment is to doing everything in our power provide peace of mind, low stress and a sense of security by attending to every detail during our

client’s absence.’”


“We will even serve as an emergency contact for alarm calls,” said junior partner Phoebe Bricker. “No one likes to get an alarm call at 3 in the morning, especially when they are thousands of miles away.”


Abigail’s is licensed, bonded and insured not only for Home Watch Services but as a General Contractor (ABIGACS883M6) when it’s necessary to bring in sub contractors. Ms Lovell, said this allows

them to step in if the worst happens and offers extra assurance to their clients.


“We can oversee damage repair on your behalf,” she said. “You don’t have to worry what the repairmen are doing. We guarantee the work and make sure the crews are also vetted, licensed, bonded and insured.” She stresses that Abigail’s takes a step beyond the ordinary. “We even make sure that we never step foot in a clients home without shoe covers! That every thorough, documented visit is entered into a report that goes to the client along with pictures times and dates and the individual who serviced their home or boat,” Ms. Lovell said.


The company also offers services when the homeowners are in residence. Their Girl Friday services designed to make life easier for residents and visitors to the area


For more information and a complete list of services, please call

253 432-1888 go to or email .