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Award-winning Heritage Distilling Co. Introduces New “Elk Rider” Blended Whiskey at its First Year Anniversary Celebration

Gig Harbor, WA – Every Spirit Has A Story™ -Heritage Distilling Company, Inc (HDC™), will celebrate its first year anniversary on November 2, with the introduction of its new “Elk Rider” Blended whiskey. The whiskey’s debut will take place at the distillery in Gig Harbor.

The anniversary celebration which is open to the public begins on Saturday November 2 from 10:00am – 6:00pm. The first 100 purchasers of the new whiskey will receive a signed bottle. You are invited to explore the state-of-the-art facility and see Nonna, the beautiful custom-made Italian copper still that produces HDC’s Award-Winning spirits. At the Distillery, you can sample spirits, learn the story behind Heritage Distilling Company, its spirits and member programs.

Sold under the HDC Elk Rider label, the new whiskey spirit is distilled from the finest ingredients that Northwest Washington has to offer. “We're excited for Heritage Distilling to release one of the most anticipated NW whiskies of 2013!” Tweeted Seattle Whiskey, “Get your glasses ready on Nov 2. I see another award on the horizon.”

In addition to distilling and distributing their product lines under the HDC label, Heritage Distilling offers hands-on exclusive programs:

Your Whiskey, Your Way™:

  • My Batch™: Get your hands dirty making your own hand-crafted, small-batch of vodka, gin or whiskey under our direction in our licensed facility, using our stills and equipment.
  • Cask Club™: For spirits enthusiasts who share our belief that customers should decide how their bourbon, rye or whiskey tastes. HDC manages and ages custom aged whiskey, gin and vodka products in private 10-liter casks according to each Cask Club Member’s individual specifications.

“Every Spirit Has A Story™ -Everyone has a life story to tell, with their own sense of ‘spirit’. Every spirit made at our distillery has a unique story behind it, whether it is a batch of our branded lines or an ultra-small batch of spirits made by spirits enthusiast in our “My Batch” Program or custom aged in our “Cask Club” Program. said HDC Founder and President Jennifer Stiefel.

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Gig Harbor, WA

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HDC makes exclusive lines of locally made, small batch, craft distilled, whiskey, gin and vodka. All spirits are made by craft artisans; using raw ingredients, sourced from small family farms.

According to Justin Stiefel, HDC Founder, CEO and Head Distiller, “Washington State grows some of the finest corn, wheat and grains in the country. The water here is some of the purest around. Together these ingredients make for superb spirits.”

HDC Awards Include:

HDC Vodka – Best Domestic Vodka. -2013 “DOUBLE GOLD-BEST VODKA” medal winner at International Tasting (New York). 2013 “SILVER” medal winner at San Francisco World Spirits Competition

HDC Vodka is triple distilled from grapes and an award-winning sweet start with a smooth, even finish.

HDC Soft Gin –Best International Gin - 2013 “DOUBLE GOLD-BEST GIN” medal winner at International Tasting (New York). 2013 “BRONZE” medal winner at Beverage Testing Institute’s International Gin Review (Chicago).

HDC Soft Gin is distilled from grapes with a soft, smooth finish. Great for savory summer cocktail recipes or drinking straight.

HDC Commander’s Rye Whiskey™ - 2013 “SILVER” medal winner at San Francisco World Spirits Competition and 2013 “BRONZE” medal winner at Beverage Testing Institute’s International Unaged Whiskey Review (Chicago) – the only distillery west of Texas to receive an award.

HDC Commander’s Rye Whiskey, based on George Washington’s original 1797 recipe, is bottled unaged, just the way they drank it back then.

Heritage Distilling Company, Inc.

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