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Centennial Celebration for Skansie Net Shed

April 2010, Gig Harbor Wash; May 1st the Gig Harbor community will come together to celebrate the 100th birthday of the well known and dearly loved Skansie Netshed.

As early as 1910, Gig Harbor’s netsheds began appearing along the waterfront; a place for local fisherman to store and mend nets and fishing gear.

Today, only 17 netsheds remain along the western shoreline of Gig Harbor bay, the largest inventory of historic netsheds on the Puget Sound. And the Skansie Netshed is the only publicly owned shed, located in the heart of the community and considered a community treasure.

The public is invited to join in the celebration on May 1st when young and old alike will gather to tell stories, enjoy music and dancing, learn about history and fishing and generally gather as a community in celebration of the most recognizable structure in Gig Harbor. Even a birthday cake is being planned!

Join the fun, Saturday May 1st 10am – 4pm at Skansie Brothers Park, 3207 Harborview Drive, Gig Harbor WA. For more history on Gig Harbor’s netsheds and the event go to or or contact the City of Gig Harbor at (253) 853-7609.

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