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City of Gig Harbor Engineer earns appointment by Governor Jay Inslee

Gig Harbor, Wash. March 3rd, 2016 - Gig Harbor City Engineer Steve Misiurak, P.E., was appointed to the Washington State Public Works Board this past week by Governor Jay Inslee. Mr. Misiurak joins a thirteen member board who serve four year terms. Three members represent counties, three represent cities, three represent special purpose districts, and four are from the private sector. The mission of the Public Works Board is to encourage investment in infrastructure through financial assistance of projects critical to public health, safety, and environmental infrastructure, in order to support community and economic vitality.

“I am both humbled and honored to have been selected to serve on this Board on behalf of the Citizens of Washington State,” Mr. Misiurak said in a statement recently. During his term, Mr. Misiurak will work closely with the 12 other Board members to review financing applications, create the Public Works Trust Fund Construction Loan list, tour financed projects, attend workshops, conferences, and meetings on behalf of the Board, and participate in training courses related to infrastructure issues.

Together, their goal will be to create a world class system of services that allows a community to access both financial and technical resources that lead to sustaining their infrastructure systems. Public Works Board members receive no compensation for their involvement and meet monthly throughout the year

Further information about the Public Works Board and a complete list of Board Members can be found at

Since joining the staff in 2000, City Engineer Misiurak has been lead capital construction engineer on a number of major capital projects including the construction of the original Borgen Blvd and all its utilities, the original Point Fosdick Dr. widening, the SR 16 Borgen/Burhnam Interchange, and the Eddon Boat sediment cleanup and restoration project. Steve has procured numerous transportation and infrastructure grants and low interest State loans on behalf of the City, including, most recently an $8,000,000 State transportation grant for the construction of the Harbor Hill Dr. extension. The City Engineering Department has earned numerous awards and recognition for various projects and is responsible for city infrastructure improvements and the review of public development projects including various civil permit reviews of all development that affect public infrastructure. This also includes responsibility for the planning, development and implementation of projects for the city's transportation, water, sewer, storm water management and park improvement plans. For more information about the City of Gig Harbor Engineering Department, please contact Maureen Whitaker at 253.851.7618 or visit

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