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City of Gig Harbor hosts State Representatives for Special Tour

Ancich Park property grant funding request being reviewed by Legislature

Gig Harbor, Wash.,
March 23rd, 2015 – On Saturday, March 21st, Gig Harbor’s Mayor Jill Guernsey hosted State Representatives Michelle Caldier and Jesse Young as they toured the Ancich Park and Netshed property, located at 3658 Harborview Drive, in downtown Gig Harbor. City Councilmember Ken Malich, Downtown Waterfront Alliance President Pat Schmidt and City Administrator Ron Williams were also present for the tour.

 The City invited State Representatives Caldier and Young with hope to illustrate the imminent need for improvements to the Ancich Netshed and adjoining pier. The city has two Washington Wildlife and Recreation Program Grant funding requests, in the amount of $661,652, currently making their way through the legislative process. The State House of Representatives is considering the funding of both grants. Representatives Caldier and Young expressed their support for the funding and are assisting the city to get both measures backed by the House. Support in this year’s legislative session is key as the entire structure is at risk of collapse due to rotting deck boards and unstable bracing. Funding would provide the immediate attention needed for repairs to the endangered condition of the netshed and pier.

 The Ancich Netshed is one of the few remaining original netsheds in the harbor and the preservation is necessary to enhance Gig Harbor’s downtown waterfront for visitors and tourists. Gig Harbor’s Maritime heritage depends on the preservation of its historical working waterfront. Except for the remaining commercial fishing boats within the harbor, netsheds are the only surviving architectural connection between the community and what was once one of the most successful fishing fleets on the West Coast. The Ancich Netshed is in the heart of the City and represents a unique opportunity for the public to witness and learn about the vital role that historic preservation can play in maintaining local character. Several community groups describe the restoration of this property, netshed and pier as a potential major enhancement to the downtown core and “key to the economic growth of Gig Harbor”.

 To help in this effort, the public can express their support for the funding by contacting Representatives Caldier at or (800) 562-6000 and Representative Jesse Young at or (800) 562-6000. For more information on the Ancich Park and Netshed visit

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