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City of Gig Harbor Lift Station 3A Rehabilitation project


Project Description

Starting in early March 2013, the City of Gig Harbor will begin construction on the rehabilitation of the City’s largest sanitary sewer lift station and various manholes throughout the City.  Lift Station 3A is located directly across Harborview Drive from Austin Estuary Park, at 4102 Harborview Drive.  The work will include taking Lift Station 3A offline and installing a “pump-around” system to bypass the lift station and transport the incoming sewer effluent to the Wastewater Treatment Plant.  Once the lift station is offline, the City’s contractor will then perform the work needed to upgrade the inside of the existing lift station.  In conjunction with the lift station, the City’s contractor will also be working on applying a protective lining system to six (6) sanitary sewer manholes in the City, five (5) on Soundview Drive and one (1) at the intersection of Wagner Way and Wollochet Drive.  This work is required to correct corrosion and degradation issues that have occurred due to the harsh environment commonly encountered in sewer systems.



Anticipated Preliminary Project Schedule

The project is currently out to bid with an anticipated bid opening date of January 30, 2013.  Construction is expected to begin in the early part of March 2013 and will continue until mid-April 2013.



Impacts to the General Public

During the course of construction, you can expect a traffic revision on Harborview Drive in the vicinity of Lift Station 3A.  Because of the installation of the “pump-around” equipment, the City will be shifting the lanes of Harborview Drive and installing temporary traffic control for the duration of the project.  This will not cause traffic delays, but it will require caution as you travel through the shifted lanes.  As for the work on the manholes on Soundview Drive and Wagner Way/Wollochet Drive, you can expect typical temporary traffic control which may include flaggers and minor traffic delays.  Please exercise extreme caution while traveling through any work zone.



If you would like to receive information and construction updates on this project and be included on our stakeholders list, please provide your contact information to Nancy Nayer at or (253) 853-7753 and indicate you wish to be added to the stakeholders list for the Lift Station 3A Wet Well Rehabilitation Project. Also, please check the City’s website ( for routine project updates and notices.




If there are any further questions please feel free to contact George Flanigan, Construction Supervisor at or (253) 853-7695.