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Work in Progress:

· Stream channel excavation and cobble placement beyond the limits of the bridge is on-going.

· Curb and gutter installation is on-going. Small amount remains – most to be installed this week prior to paving. The remainder consists of the “bulb-outs” necessary to make Austin Street flow for one-way traffic. “Bulb-outs” will be installed just prior to final paving.

· Illumination system installation is on-going.

· Landscaping preparation work has started – this will be intermittently on-going until landscaping is complete.

· Sidewalk and driveway installation along Harborview Drive and North Harborview Drive is scheduled for this Wednesday (Sept 11). Pedestrians to be re-routed over bridge once this work is ready for use – currently planned for Thursday (Sept 12).

· If all goes as scheduled, North Harborview Drive over the bridge could be opened to traffic as early as Friday, September 13, 2013.

Paving – SIGNIFICANT TRAFFIC IMPACTS on Thursday, Sept 12:

· Paving dates for Harborview Drive, Austin Street and North Harborview Drive over the bridge:

o September 11 – fill in work, sliver paving – in the afternoon. Traffic impacts mostly due to moving and loading equipment across travel lanes.

o September 12 - starting at 7:00 a.m. until finished. First lift of pavement on North Harborview Drive over the bridge. Overlay along Harborview Drive from Austin Park through intersection with Austin Street. Significant traffic impacts – will require one-lane flagged traffic along Harborview Drive. Use alternate route – expect delays.

o September 24 - Final Lift of Roadway Paving along North Harborview Drive and Austin Street. This paving work is currently planned to occur at night.

o Schedule is weather dependent.

Introducing Creek into New Stream Channel:

· Phase 1 - Excavation work to open estuary to the harbor and let in tidal flow – scheduled for Sept 14 (Sat). Weather and Tide dependent work.

· Phase 2 - Introduce creek into new stream channel on Sept 20 and 21 (Fri and Sat). This two-step process includes setting up a temporary stream diversion using fish screens to capture and protect any fish. Once this process has occurred, then the temporary stream diversion will be removed and the creek will flow into the new stream channel. Weather and Tide dependent work.


Primary project contact:
Jeff Olsen, Construction Supervisor
(253) 255-8233

Emily Appleton, P.E., Project Manager/Sr. Engineer
(253) 853-7620

Project Updates:
Project updates will be posted on the Donkey Creek Restoration website at

The City will circulate periodic updates by email. If you know someone that would be interested in receiving these email notices, please contact Maureen Whitaker, Asst. City Clerk at