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Gig Harbor, Wash. - August 25, 2010; The contractor hired by the City to build the new pier and float at the Eddon Boatyard Park mobilized to the site this week. Construction of the concrete seat for the new pier is the first order of work. It will be complete next week. Piles to support the pier are scheduled to be placed during the first full week of September. Vibratory pile driving equipment will be used so there will be less noise than if a pile driving hammer were used. The type of driving equipment will also reduce disturbance to sand on the bottom of the harbor. This process is dependent upon high tide. However, the contractor is restricted to the working hours listed in the City’s Municipal Code. Placing the piles is anticipated to require less than five days.

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Primary Project Contact:

Marcos McGraw, Project Engineer, City of Gig Harbor

(253) 853-2647

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