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Get Ready for Winter Weather

City of Gig Harbor provides tips for winter emergency preparedness

Gig Harbor, Wash. November 23rd, 2015- The City of Gig Harbor has the following tips to help local residents and businesses stay safe during storms and inclement weather. Prepare, prepare, prepare!

1. Develop a plan for your business and family and contact your local fire and police with any questions you might have, BEFORE an emergency.

2. Make sure your employees and or your family is familiar with the plan.

3. Keep an updated hard copy contact list of important phone numbers at your office, and at your home (not just on your computer).

4. Keep a battery operated radio and flash light with fresh batteries at your office and your home.

5. Be sure to have a first aid kit, back up supply of medications, water and non-perishable food at your home and office.

6. Know where gas, water and electricity shut off valves are.

7. Don’t drive unless you absolutely have to. Snow removal is quicker and safer with fewer cars on the road.

8. Clean your own sidewalk – this goes for businesses and residents too. Sidewalks are the responsibility of the property owner. If you lease your business space, be sure to have a plan in place with the property owner.

For additional information contact Gig Harbor Building/Fire Safety Department at (253) 851-6170.

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