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GHHWA Recruiting Volunteers for the Summer Flower Basket Watering Program!

Gig Harbor, WA; May 5, 2011; HOW THE PROGRAM STARTED

Part of the mission of the Gig Harbor Historic Waterfront Association (GHHWA) is to preserve and enhance the existing character of the waterfront district. The last two summers, in pursuit of that goal and in light of the city's reduced budget, the GHHWA was able to step in and purchase and maintain the beautiful planter boxes and hanging baskets throughout the district. The effort involved recruiting, training, and managing the daily watering crews. We were able to field an impressive core of volunteers that included property owners, local businesses, and private citizens.

We are looking for volunteers to help with the 2011 program!

How does one become a volunteer for this program?

  • Filling out a volunteer form that will be submitted to the City of Gig Harbor Park's Department for driving record check
  • Training on the watering truck and watering process
  • Committing to a specific time that you will be responsible for watering (once a week, once a month, etc.)
  • Watering the 90 baskets takes about 3 hours and begins at 5:00 a.m. (before the traffic starts rolling and the parking spots are filled). You will work with a partner (one to drive and one to water).
  • The watering truck will be picked up and returned to the Civic Center each day
  • It takes two tanks to water all the baskets so you will have to refill the tank mid-way

All volunteer activities will be coordinated by the GHHWA with the City providing the watering equipment. This is a great example of a collaborative effort among the City, the GHHWA, and local residents and businesses. Volunteers and contributors will be recognized in our newsletter, press releases, by the city, etc.