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Gig Harbor Police Department to Enforce Derelict Vessel Laws

Gig Harbor, Wash. – December 12, 2011 – The Gig Harbor Police Department has taken another step forward in the enforcement of derelict vessel laws in Gig Harbor. Under an Interlocal Agreement with the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department and working in cooperation with the Washington State Department of Natural Resources, the Gig Harbor Police Department has assumed the responsibility of removing derelict or abandoned boats that have been anchored in Gig Harbor for an extended time.

In November, warnings were issued to four vessels in Gig Harbor that have been anchored in the same place for several years and the owners have been contacted with orders to remove the vessels.

The police department intends to continue enforcement action by identifying additional vessels that have been deemed derelict or abandoned under state law. “Removing these vessels from the public waterways preserves the right of enjoyment for our citizens to use these waters without obstruction,” said Police Chief Mike Davis. “It also removes potential pollution hazards and protects the property rights of homeowners along the bay,” he added.

Citizens wanting to permanently place an anchor buoy on public tidelands such as Gig Harbor can find information on obtaining a permit at the Department of Natural Resources website

For information on the derelict vessel enforcement program in Gig Harbor, contact Gig Harbor Police Sergeant Kelly Busey at (253) 851-2236.

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