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Gig Harbor’s Cushman Trail Wins State Honors

Trail Named APWA Project of the Year

Gig Harbor, Wash.; April 13th, 2017 – The City of Gig Harbor recently received notice that it has won the Project of the Year Award from the Washington State chapter of the American Public Works Association (APWA) for the Cushman Trail project, Phase 3, a design that provides Gig Harbor with over seven miles of trail system for recreation. The trail system includes railings, viewing outlooks, rock walls, seating areas, restrooms and benches, trash receptacles and signage.

“The Cushman Trail serves an area with 3 community parks, 2 schools and 3 of Gig Harbor’s main activity centers. By creating a safe alternative to cars, the community has a link to shops, restaurants, and professional services,” stated Stephen Misiurak, City Engineer for the City of Gig Harbor.

Funding for the Cushman Trail came from several sources including two federal grants, one from the Transportation, Community and System Preservation (TCSP) Program, administered through the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), and the second one from the Department of Transportation, Congestion Management and Air Quality (CMAQ) Program, administered through Puget Sound Regional Council and Department of Transportation. The third grant was a direct appropriation that Senator Patty Murray procured through the Washington State Public Works Assistance Account (Public Works Board).

This phase of the trail originates at 96th St NW, and continues due north approximately 1,400 feet, to where it intersects Burnham Drive. The trail is exclusively for non-motorized uses and the elevated timber piled bridge crosses over a heavily vegetated wetland. This unique pin-piled foundation was utilized to minimize the impacts to the wetland area below the bridge. A rapid flashing beacon crosswalk has been installed across Burnham Drive at the trail head crossing. The trail provides dramatic scenery and natural resource areas with trail slopes that vary from nearly level to just under 5% and is ADA compliant in width and running slope.

“This shows the Cushman Trail was well worth the investment,” says Gig Harbor Mayor Jill Guernsey. “It is extremely popular with the community, regional leaders, environmental groups, health advocates and users of all ages and lifestyles.”

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