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Grandview Forest Park to close temporarily

Gig Harbor, WA. August 11th – Grandview Forest Park will close beginning August 17th after Laminated Root Rot was identified within the park. The park, located at 3448 Grandview Street directly adjacent to the Gig Harbor Civic Center, contains high risk trees that have been identified by an arborist. Grandview Forest Park will close beginning August 17th and will remain closed while the contractor is performing the work to remove the high risk trees.

Laminated Root Rot is a native fungus in northwestern forests and infects primarily Douglas-fir trees. It damages the root system of each infected tree. In urban and residential areas it is especially dangerous as many trees lose more than 50% of their structural root systems, which makes the tree more susceptible to falling or being blown over. Such trees are risks to life, limb and property.

Grandview Forest Park will remain closed while the work to remove approximately 23 trees is being performed, which could span as long as September 20th. Two infected trees will also be removed from the nearby Skate Park. The tree removal at the Skate Park will take place on August 29th and signage will designate closed areas on that day only. For more information about this project, please contact Project Engineer Marcos McGraw at (253) 853-2647.

Gig Harbor, Washington’s Maritime City