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Kick Off Western Washington Lake Fishing With The Gig Harbor Fly Shop

The 2014 seasonal lowland lake opener in Western Washington takes place this year on April 26th. For many fly fishers, this marks the commencement of the fishing season. To help anglers make the most of the opener and maximize productivity for the season, the Gig Harbor Fly Shop will be hosting an all day event Trout Fly Fishing Washington Lakes on Saturday April 19th. The day will be filled with educational presentations, fly rod casting demos, and more, all highlighted by the appearance of world-renowned angler, author, and fly tyer Skip Morris.

Skip will be conducting two short sessions in the morning which are free to the public. He will also present an in-depth 2.5 hour afternoon session on both tying and fishing flies for trout in lakes, which will be $30 with pre sign-up and has limited space available. Anyone interested in fly fishing our local lakes won't want to miss this opportunity and those attending the afternoon session will be able to share in some of Skip's four decades of experience.

Additional events throughout the day will include the chance to test cast some fly rods from manufacturers Winston and Echo and will culminate with a fiberglass rod casting competition with the winner scoring an Echo Glass rod.

Below is an overview of the individual sessions and schedule. Be sure to also check out and for more info.

Free Presentations Open to the Public:

10am - Fishing the Surface of a Trout Lake

Trout lakes are sadly misunderstood—and they represent a whole world of fly fishing that too many anglers, either through unfamiliarity or uncertainty, are missing. This presentation takes you patiently by the hand and guides you through the techniques, tackle, and flies that take trout feeding in the top layer of a lake. Here you will learn about lake entomology, the intricacies of chasing and catching path-rising trout, when to expect surface feeding on chironomids, and a great deal more...with innovative ideas and images that entertain.

11am - Fishing the Depths of a Trout Lake

As in streams, trout in lakes do most of their feeding well down. This presentation explores fishing with sinking lines and with floating lines and weighted flies on very long leaders. In this show you will learn how to determine if trout in a lake are feeding deep, what they are feeding on, and how to turn this knowledge into good fishing. Of course, depth is relative—in the case of lake trout, it ranges from only a half dozen feet down to thirty.

1:30-4pm - 2.5 Hour Seminar - Limited Space Available - $30 per person

Tying and Fishing Flies for Trout Lakes

In this show Skip goes back and forth from projector to tying vise. For each lake insect we watch slides showing the insect, the water it lives in and hatches (if it hatches) from, a fly or two for its imitation, and how and when to fish that fly. Then the lights go up and Skip moves to the vise to tie the fly (or flies), pass a sample around, and answer a few questions. Then it's back to the slides, and so on. The attendees leave this show knowing how to tie a modest number of new, solid fly patterns; knowledge on how to fish them; and a handout with the pattern for each fly. About two-and-a-half hours long.

About Skip Morris:

Skip is the author of twelve books on fly fishing and fly tying (among them, Fly Tying Made Clear and Simple, Morris & Chan on Fly Fishing Trout Lakes, Trout Flies for Rivers, and Fly Fisher's Guide to Western River Hatches), is the host on six instructional videos (Tying Foam Flies, Fly Fishing for Bass & Panfish...) and has spoken for sportsmen's shows, fly-fishing shows, and fly clubs in Arizona, New Jersey, Toronto, Alabama, Illinois—all over the US, Canada, and overseas. He and his wife Carol Ann reside on the Olympic Peninsula.