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Larry Fowler’s New Novel “Lincoln’s Diary”

February 14, 2011 – Author Larry Fowler will be discussing his first novel “Lincoln's Diary”, Friday March 4th, the 150th Anniversary of President Lincoln's Inauguration, at Morso in the Gallery at 6pm. Special Limited Edition books will be available this one night only. This fun evening will include a book reading, question and answer, trivia contest and book signing.

As Larry battled prostate cancer in 2005, he read a book called "The Angel Inside" and he’s been trying to release his personal 'author' angel ever since. Almost three year ago, Larry and his wife, Judi, bought their ideal retirement home and moved to Gig Harbor to be near their three grandchildren.

Larry has always been a keen student of human behavior, and when he learned about Lincoln's emotional struggles he asked, "Is it possible Lincoln helped plan his own murder?" That was the birth of his novel. But rather than writing pure historical fiction, Larry chose a contemporary setting and characters so his readers could see Lincoln's strategy for managing depression at work in the modern world.

Larry’s insightful writing engages a strong protagonist, Sarah Sue Morgan, who's searching for a missing family heirloom, an unpublished diary that could prove Abraham Lincoln arranged his own assassination. Murder, mystery, betrayal and intrigue follow Sarah throughout her adventure.


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