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"Living With Wildlife" Community Meeting Tuesday, November 15th, 7:00 PM, NCC

You may have noticed the coyote activity on Fox Island has tapered off as the colder weather sets in. However, the Wildlife Biologists from the USDA assure us that the problem has not gone away, but that the coyotes are preparing their dens for the winter, and are less active at the moment.

They have stated that the island is 'chock full of coyotes', and once the current coyote population reproduces again in the spring, our problem will increase exponentially, as the dens produce 4 - 5 new pups each.

Representatives from both the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) will be at FICRA's November 15, 2011 "Living With Wildlife" presentation at 7PM, at the Nichols Center, 690 9th Ave, Fox Island.

Their goal is to educate and offer solutions to our coyote overpopulation problem. Please encourage all Islanders to attend.

Find out the facts and help us move forward to help make our Island a safer place for our pets and children.

Hope to see you there!

John Ohlson

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