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July 15, 2010; Gig Harbor, WA - Tucked away in neighborhoods across the Gig Harbor Peninsula area you will find the most intriguing people – those who have chosen to settle in Gig Harbor after living the rat race of Los Angeles, Hollywood or New York. Quietly going about their lives - slowly and at peace.

And so it is true for Oscar winner David DePattie, animator and creator of THE PINK PANTHER, who makes his home with wife Marcia in North Gig Harbor. David DePattie will be on hand August 6th, at Gig Harbor’s CinemaGig Outdoor Movie Night to open the 1963 Peter Sellers “Pink Panther” film, which includes the opening credit sequence that introduced the loveable, pink, tall, and ingenious pink panther character to the world.

Director Blake Edwards tapped DePattie to create the “panther” early on in the production of the original film, but it wasn’t until the film had wrapped that Edwards knew he wanted to have the opening credits done with the panther. The sequence was so successful that the character went on to stand alone success, and won DePattie an Oscar in 1964.

DePattie will also show 2-3 Pink Panther clips following the feature film on August 6th. It will surely be a night to remember. CinemaGig Outdoors takes place at Donkey Creek Park. Bring chairs and blankets – this movie will run later than most due to the program both before and after. Start time is 8:30pm.

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