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Putting Faith to Words:

Gig Harbor, WA—February 17—The faith journey, no matter what we believe, is one of the most profound and often perplexing of our lives. Harbor Covenant Church is offering a six-week series of classes to help local residents translate that journey into words.

Beginning March 1, Margaret S. Inge will guide participants as they translate their faith stories into well-constructed and engaging prose. Through interactive exercises and readings, individual experiences will be developed to produce a cohesive story. The focus of the course is on effective writing skills designed to infuse personal faith narratives with what could be called “divine inspiration.”

“Our faith, or what many people call their relationship to God, is the most intimate relationship of our lives,” Inge says. “What we believe is a decision we make in the depths of our heart, and its nature is wholly personal. This faith relationship shapes who we become and how we interact with the world. The narrative of that journey is a faith story.”

“This writing course impacted me in ways I had not anticipated,” says Mary Jane Lane of Gig Harbor, a former class participant. “I experienced a self-discovery of sorts as I reviewed the people and circumstances in my life that were integral to my journey of faith.”

Class participants are asked to come to the course with a story or story idea in mind, although Inge is quick to point out that the story participants end up with is often very different from the one they envisioned at the beginning of the course. She encourages people to be open to discovering the pivotal moment that gives a story life – a catalytic moment such as an accident, illness or the loss of a loved one, a discovery made after years of exploration, or the simple pleasure of a walk along the beach.

This will be the third time this course has been offered at Harbor Covenant Church. “Maggie had a great way of helping me figure out what words or phrases would work best, and provided the perspective of the reader that I was missing,” says Carla Lawson, who was in the first HCC class. “I'm encouraged to keep writing. I may have to take the class again; there's so much more to learn.”

Margaret S. Inge is an award-winning newspaper columnist and lifelong writer. Her business career has included time spent on the staff of the popular television show “60 Minutes” as well as time spent working as a television executive and the CEO of her own management training firm. She can be found most Sunday mornings at Harbor Covenant Church.

“Given the maxim that ‘nothing is taught unless something is learned,’ you should expect to learn a lot from an excellent teacher,” says Forest Lane of Gig Harbor, another former class participant.

Anyone interested in participating in the course should contact Harbor Covenant Church by calling 253-851-8450 to make a reservation. Classes run Saturdays beginning March 1 from 10 a.m. to 12 noon; cost is $35 for the course and includes all course materials.

[Members of the press are invited to contact Maggie Inge directly at or by phone at 646-309-6610.]

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