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Gig Harbor, WA; The open house will take place at the GIG HARBOR CIVIC CENTER, COMMUNITY ROOMS A/B, 4:00 TO 6:00 P.M. on May 16th, 2012

Project Description and Schedule

The City of Gig Harbor is preparing to replace approximately 2,000 LF of the deteriorating 4-inch diameter transite water main located in Cascade Avenue, Rainier Avenue, and a portion of Ryan Street, and upgrade an aging Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV) in the East-side shoulder area of Soundview across from Emerald Lane. A map showing the anticipated location of the water main work is included with this notice. The new water main will be an 8-inch diameter ductile iron pipe. This project will also increase available fire flow rates and add new fire hydrants to the water system.

This project is estimated to cost $700,000 and is identified in the City’s 2012 Budget under the Water Division – Capital fund. Construction is scheduled to begin in early August. All construction work is anticipated to be completed by December 2012.

Anticipated Project Impacts

Construction work associated with this project will include roadway excavation, pipe installation, connection of new water services to individual houses, and roadway repair (including placement of new asphalt). The primary impacts to residents in the area of construction will involve vehicle access to houses and placement of construction equipment and materials in City right of way throughout the duration of the project. Additionally, the contractor will be required to provide one-way traffic whenever portions of the roadway are blocked AND no other outlet is available. When a roadway is blocked the traffic delays should not exceed ten minutes.

Some landscaping installed by homeowners but located within the City’s right of way may be disturbed during this project. The project inspector will attempt to contact individual homeowners at least 24 hours prior to any landscaping is disturbed.

Each house receiving water service from the new water main will be temporarily shut off from water service for a period of a few hours at one point during construction. This shut-off is necessary to connect the each house to the new water main and will occur near the end of construction.

For Future Information

It is the City of Gig Harbor’s intent to provide updates on project impacts and of the upcoming construction schedule.

To receive project updates please provide contact information to Maureen Whitaker at or (253) 853-7618 and indicate you wish to be added to the project update list for the Rainier Ave/Cascade Ave Water Main Project. You can also check the City’s website for project updates and notices.

If you have any construction related questions please contact Jeff Olsen, Construction Supervisor, at or (253) 853-7661.

For all other questions please contact Jeff East, Senior Engineer, at