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Residents Asked to Help Keep Storm Drains Clear

Falling leaves and debris on sidewalks and driveways often block stormdrains, which can cause flooding.

The Public Works Crew is working hard to keep the drains clear during these stormy weather events, and as rain continues, they will continue to focus on keeping stormwater drains and catch basins clear. Residents can help by clearing the debris away from the top and sides of grates in their neighborhoods. Clearing storm drains is the most important thing people can do to protect their property and prevent water from pooling in the streets and causing traffic hazards.

Residents wishing to report drainage issues or flooding problems along roadways in their neighborhoods should contact the city at (253) 851-6170.

Homeowners of flat-topped structures — especially mobile homes, car ports and boat marinas — also should take steps to safely remove leaves and standing water from their roofs. The combination of wet leaves and heavy rainfall or snow increases the chance for a leaky roof.

Section 14.30.050 of the Gig Harbor Municipal Code (GHMC) prohibits the discharge of yard waste, trash, or any debris onto the City roadways or sidewalks. Any debris must be disposed of properly. Violations are subject to Chapter 12.17 GHMC.

Thank you for helping us keep our streets clean.