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Rosedale Garden's Best Fall Ever!

Gig Harbor, WA- September 19, 2011

Create a Dramatic Fall Container
Rosedale Gardens has a new create-a-container area stocked full of everything you need to plant striking, hardy, winter containers. Do it yourself or we can do it for you! Get your pots here (AND they happen to be on sale!) or bring your containers from home!

Experience the “Amazing Katsura Tree”
The most awesome tree, that, in the fall, along with its luminescent golden apricot color, it smells just like COTTON CANDY! For REAL! Grab a handful of fallen leaves and inhale! Actually, you can smell the “carnival” before you can even see the Tree! Come, take a whiff, and take some leaves home with you!

The Great Pumpkin Hunt at Rosedale Gardens
The October pumpkin goblins have hidden pumpkins all over the acres of nursery at Rosedale Gardens! Every hidden pumpkin has a letter on it. Put all the letters together to make a word. Solve the mystery and win a prize! It’s a fun adventure for the whole family!

The Great Pumpkin Hunt is ongoing throughout the month of October.

Enjoy cookies and cider on the weekends!

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