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Once again it's time  to "Round Up Your Rock"  for the annual Round Rock contest co-sponsored by the Gig Harbor Chamber of Commerce and the Harbor History Museum.    The Round Rock competition has been a part of the Maritime Gig Festival for years, and was first created back in 1951 by C.E. Shaw, famous for entertaining Gig Harbor with Rooster Races in the 1930's and 1940's.  The Round Rock contest was re-introduced in 1998, and now each year the winners are announced during the first weekend in June during the Chamber's Maritime Gig Festival.  Last year the museum received nearly 40 entries for the competition.


Cash prizes will be awarded to the five rocks or stones judged the most perfectly rounded rocks.  First Prize = $100, Second Prize = $50, Third Prize = $25, Fourth Prize = $15, Fifth Prize = $10. To participate, contestants must follow these rules and regulations:


·         Rocks must be submitted to the Harbor History Museum by Friday April 19, 2013. (Please note the museum is closed Mon & Tues through April 12 for winter hours).

·         All rocks or stones must be no larger than 6 inches in diameter at the widest point. The smallest rock or stone that can be entered must not be less than 1½ inches in diameter at its narrowest point.

·         Rocks or stones are judged by their spherical measurement, as of a perfect sphere. In case of a tie where two or more stones are the same ratio in measurements, the texture and quality together with smooth surface will be the deciding factors. Where everything is equal between two rocks, the largest rock has preference.

·         All rocks and stones must have their natural surface and must not be scratched, mutilated, or shaped in any way.

·         All rocks or stones to qualify must be of such hardness that they cannot be scratched with the ordinary pocket knife.

·         All rocks or stones to qualify must have been found in Washington State.

·         Each person entering the contest is limited to one entry.

·         One winner allowed per household (Top rock of household will win).


For a complete list of all the rules and an official entry form, visit the applications page for the Maritime Gig Festival at



For more information contact:

Josh Sherwin

Maritime Gig Festival Coordinator



Gig Harbor Chamber of Commerce