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Salmonchanted Harbor Returns to Gig Harbor

April 2010, Gig Harbor Wash; Gig Harbor welcomes the return of SalmonChanted Harbor again this year beginning in May. But this year there is a new twist…those salmon look suspiciously like heron!

Organizers of the third annual art event decided to shake it up in 2010, with heron sculptures instead of salmon. The heron is a bird frequently seen in and around the waters of Gig Harbor bay and other bays and estuaries in the area. These amazing resin sculpture shells have been distributed to 15 local artists. The artists were chosen from a pool of candidates for their unique ideas to make the heron shell into a work of art.

Each artist will create a different themed heron (see list below) and each piece of art will be displayed at a different location throughout historic Gig Harbor from late May through early September. The heron will then be auctioned at the SalmonChanted Evening event, scheduled for September 18th at the Gig Harbor Yacht Club.

All of the sculptures will debut at an event at the Gig Harbor Civic Center, 3510 Grandview Street on Wednesday May 26th from 6-8p.m.

This year’s artists and locations are;

  1. Nancy Fiala presents “Mardi Gras Heron” at The Green Turtle Restaurant

  2. Nancy Keck Harris presents “The Ghost” at Simply Charmed

  3. Nancy Corey presents “Stepping Out in Gig Harbor” at Gallery Row

  4. Alexis St. John presents “Life Force” at Kit Kuhn, A Jeweler Designed for You

  5. Kathleen Casteel & Brad Dinsmore present “Eyes of Action” at Threshold Building

  6. Joan Sain presents “The Gambler” at Ebb Tide Gallery

  7. Jody L. Whalen presents “Patchwork Heron” at Timberland Bank

  8. Harvey D. Kolln presents “Canary in the Estuary” at Columbia Bank

  9. Giorgina C. Wells presents “A Latin Heron” at Birdnest Gallery

  10. Charles A. Anderson presents “Gogh Heron Gogh” at Wild Birds Unlimited

  11. Laura Jacobson presents “Penny Land the Crane” at Harbor Gallery

  12. Delaine Gately presents “Gig Harbor’s Peacock” at The Maritime Inn

  13. Christina Hella Thompson presents “The Glass Heron” at For Arts Sake

  14. Loretta J. Anderson presents “An Attitude of Patience” at Anthony’s Restaurant

  15. Christina Burris & A/P Art Class Students present “Recycle for the Environment” at Water to Wine

SalmonChanted Harbor 2010 is dedicated to the memory of Pauline Winchell, founder of the event and long time Ebb Tide Gallery artist.

This year’s SalmonChanted sponsors are:

  • The City of Gig Harbor
  • Gig Harbor Kiwanis Club
  • Willis Marketing, Inc.
  • The Russell Family Foundation
  • Threshold Group
  • MultiCare Gig Harbor Medical Park
  • Timberland Bank
  • Columbia Bank
  • Lloyd M. Silver Harbor Center
  • Wild Birds Unlimited
  • St. Anthony Hospital, a part of Franciscan Health System
  • Anthony’s Restaurant
  • Walt’s Auto Care Centers
  • Fosberg Media Group
  • Eric Peavy
  • The Green Turtle Restaurant
  • The Maritime Inn
  • Neurosurgery Northwest
  • Water to Wine
  • Bruce and Carol Murdock

SalmonChanted Harbor is produced by the Gig Harbor Gallery Association in support of the Peninsula Hands On Art program. Learn more at

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