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Sections of Grandview Forest Park Remain Closed Until Further Notice

Gig Harbor, WA. October 5th - The City of Gig Harbor has contracted to remove trees which have been identified by an arborist as high risk in Grandview Forest Park, located at 3510 Grandview Street, in Gig Harbor. This contract work has been delayed. The lower trails of Grandview Forest Park are closed until further notice. The public is to stay on the asphalt path.

Laminated Root Rot is a native fungus in northwestern forests and primarily infects Douglas-fir trees. It may live for decades in old stumps and spreads from tree to tree via root contact. In urban and residential areas it is especially dangerous as many trees lose more than 50% of their structural root systems before the tree either dies or is blown over.

For more information about this project, please contact Project Engineer Marcos McGraw at (253) 853-2647.

Gig Harbor, Washington’s Maritime City