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Singer/Songwriters Ange Boxall and Sara Petite Play Morso

October 17, 2011- Two bright stars on the Americana scene, Ange Boxall and Sara Petite are playing together on Saturday October 22, 2011 at 8 pm at Morso in Gig Harbor. “These women are amazing as individual artists and I’m so happy we could get them together for this great night,” said Michael ONeill. Both Ange and Sara will perform as part of the Americana Music Series produced by Michael ONeill and Morso. Tickets are $25 and can be purchased at Morso or by calling Morso at 530-3463.

The San Diego Troubadour said of Sara Petite,Often described as an Americana artist, her sound is an earthy fusion of folk, bluegrass, country, and mountain music with surprising flashes of pop and rock. She steadfastly affirms that "it's all Americana." Her singing voice, which has been likened to that of June Carter and Dolly Parton, is the tie that binds the varied styles she blends.” Sara was was named “Best Americana or Country” at the 2009 San Diego Music Awards.

Sara Petite is from right here in Washington from Sumner, Washington. On her new CD, Doghouse Rose, Petite follows the musical path she began laying down on Tiger Mountain and Lead the Parade, however, this album is tempered with the more rocking but still roots-based influences of artists such as Steve Earle.

Sara learned to sing country music by studying the best. Her mother would get her albums from the library, and when people came over to visit, she and her sister would sing the songs together, standing on top of the coffee table, using a jump rope as a microphone. Her all-time favorite artists leant her their vocal inflections and, most importantly, gave her a respect and admiration for country music. “I don’t always consider myself a country artist,” she says. “My songs range from bluegrass to country to rock ‘n’ roll, but I know my voice sounds distinctly country.” Not just a original voice, Petite is a natural songwriter, evidenced by the fact in her first-ever songwriting competition, three of her songs advanced in the International Songwriting Competition in 2005, with two making it to the semi-finals. Since then, she has been honored in the West Coast Songwriter’s Competition; Great American Songwriter’s Competition; Great Waters Folk Festival Song Contest (Top 5 finalist); San Diego Music Awards (2nd). In 2006, Petite earned the Grand Prize in the 2006 Portland Songwriting Contest.

Tasmanian born songstress Ange Boxall landed on the shores of England some ten years ago, with little more than a backpack and her Maton guitar, Pearl.
Planning to stay no longer than a year, the rich mix of European destinations, wonderful people and a diverse music scene fueled the fire and nurtured a successful career. Trips to the USA have been frequent and a blossoming love affair with Nashville's 'Music City' has seen collaborations with successful artists such as JD Souther, Jim Lauderdale and The Wrights.

The title for her 2010 release Writing Letters comes from the album's final track, “Writing Letters in My Sleep”. Ange often finds herself lying in the bed constructing letters in her mind - thank you's, love letters, apologies, protests - they keep her awake but are often forgotten. She feels in our modern world of technology and busy lives, we seem to have lost art of letter writing. Instead, we send emails and texts; a disposable means of communication. Letters take time and time is something we seem to be so short of. However, as a song writer, Ange takes time to construct her songs and sees them occasionally as the letters she no longer seems to write.

“Like Jewel or Tift Merritt, Ange ticks all the right boxes, long blonde-hair, as smile as wide as the Mississippi River and a pretty vocal style delivering songs about love and relationships,” Alison Stokes, Country Music People, UK

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The Who's Bad Now and Americana Music Series

Michael ONeill is a songwriter, producer and touring artist. He has toured the world with the likes of The Grateful Dead's Bob Wier, Stevie Ray Vaughn, U2. His songwriting credits include co-writes with Steve Cropper (Knock on Wood, Wait til' the Midnite Hour, Dock of the Bay), Jason Sheff of Chicago, the Dead's Bob Wier and world famous producer John Shanks. Michael now resides in Gig Harbor, WA. With the goal of exposing the people of the northwest to music that in his heart matters.

Partnering with Steve Lynn and Morso in the Americana Music Series. For information on booking and promotion email Michael Telephone 253-229-0187


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