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Small Craft Livery Service - Classic Boat Rentals

BoatShop-building-frontGig Harbor, WA; May 21st - The Gig Harbor BoatShop is pleased to announce the launch our Small Craft Livery Service (classic boat rentals) for community use. Open every Saturday from 10am-4pm, the public can rent classic small-craft restored right here at the BoatShop, many with historical significance. Come down and rent one of our rowing skiffs or sail off in an El Toro sailboat, or hop into a 1927 classically restored electric motor launch and row, sail or quietly motor in and around Gig Harbor Bay at your own pace. We are committed to making this service affordable to all members of our community, regardless of financial means. For example, you can rent our Salt Bay rowing skiffs that can seat 2 or 3 for $10 an hour! So, whether you are a first time rower or a seasoned sailor, come on down to the BoatShop and let’s get on out on the water! Gig Harbor BoatShop, 3805 Harborview Drive, Gig Harbor. 253.857.9344. Gig Harbor BoatShop is a 501c3 non-profit organization. Your support is appreciated. See you at the BoatShop!