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Conditions and resources permitting, the City will work to clear snow from lanes of vehicle travel on city-owned thoroughfares as quickly as possible. Clearing snow from lanes of travel on city-wide arterials and collectors will be performed before shoulders and parking stalls in city right-of-way.

What Can You Do to Help?

  • Be patient, snow removal takes time.
  • Drive safely and have appropriate tires on your vehicle.
  • Do not drive until you have properly cleared windows of obstructions and replaced worn windshield wipers.
  • Park your car off the street whenever you can. This is important for snow removal operations.
  • Property owners are responsible for clearing their own driveways.
  • Winterize your vehicle and plan ahead.
  • Don't drive unless you have to.

In the event of a severe snow strom, the City of Gig Harbor will focus on three primary snow plow routes to best serve the public.

Snow Plow Route Map