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Something Old Is New Again At Gig Harbor’s Crescent Creek Park

Gig Harbor, Wash. – August 14th, 2013 – Soon there will be a big buzz coming from Crescent Creek Park in Gig Harbor. That is because, on August 12th, Jeffrey Samudosky, an internationally award winning chainsaw artist, began work on a one-hundred year old Western Red Cedar Tree stump on the park property. Samudosky has been invited by the Maritime Playzone Committee, a group of community volunteers spearheading the park remodel, to create a visually enticing wood sculpture at the site. He will initially begin by peeling the bark away and evaluating the tree, move to chainsaw work, then wood working tools for detail and possibly even torch work for coloring. The course for the project will be determined as the innards of tree are exposed. Samudosky said he is inspired by artist Bev Doolittle’s work in which, “the more you look the more you see.” The concept will continually evolve as the project progresses and Samudosky’s vision comes to reality. The final product will be approximately twelve-feet tall and six-feet wide and will contain carvings of a large number of marine and wildlife species native to this area.

The near 100-year old tree was cut by the City of Gig Harbor almost two years ago because the growth pattern of the tree. Co-dominant stems caused the stump to split over time. The weakened trunk was determined to be dangerous especially because of the proximity to the playground. Since being cut, a void of space has developed in the center of the stump. This area will add a three dimensional aspect for the art, a negative area for carving, an exciting opportunity for creativity. Samudosky expects the project to span up to a three-week period and he invites the public to observe during the process. The public is asked to observe a safety perimeter area around the artist, which will be clearly indicated by signage.

More about J.M.S. Wood Sculpture

Located at 8719 State Route 16 in Gig Harbor, J.M.S. Sculpture is a gallery of beautiful wood artwork ranging from heron to horses and animals of different sorts in between. The showroom also includes small wood items, such as bird houses on up to executive style desks and furniture made of beautiful native Northwest woods. Numerous items are housed in the gallery, which is open seven days a week. In addition, there are photographs of custom projects that Samudosky has created, a large portion of what his work consists of today. An internationally recognized award winner, in 2012, Samudosky earned first place by creating “The Knight”, a horse poised for battle, placed first at the annual Husky Cup competition in Mulda, Germany. The event is known as the most prestigious chain saw carving competition in the world. Other honors Samudosky has earned include:

· Chetwynd International Carving Competition, Chetwynd, BC, Canada, May 2013, 1st Place Judge's Choice and 1st Place Carver's Choice

· Loggerodeo, Sedro-Woolley, WA, July 2013, 1st Place Judge's Choice, 1st Place People's Choice, 1st Place Carver's Choice, 1st & 2nd for Quick Carves

More details about Samudosky’s work can be found at

More about the Maritime Playzone

The Gig Harbor Maritime PlayZone project is an all-ability, all-inclusive play experience located at Crescent Creek Park that will give every child a place to play as well as provide easy access for grown-ups of all abilities. The new playzone is scheduled for a fall 2013 installation and early spring grand opening. The playzone will include an accessible fishing vessel representing the Gig Harbor fishermen of today, as well as other fun and challenging all-inclusive play equipment. More information about the project can be found at

For more information about the wood sculpting project at Crescent Creek Please contact Brett Marlo DeSantis of the Gig Harbor Maritime Playzone Committee (253-376-7935 or