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Tell the world what you think of the Harbor History Museum and help us win $5,000 to bring our history to life

Gig Harbor, Washington—Harbor History Museum needs your help! The museum has an opportunity to win a $5,000 prize that GuideStar USA, Inc,. the leading source of nonprofit information, and KIMNIA, a group that empowers nonprofits and other organizations to increase giving, are making available through their Winter 2011 GuideStar-KIMBIA Nonprofit Giveaway. This generous gift could help the museum provide transportation for all Peninsula School District fourth grade students to attend the Midway Pioneer School Experience.

To win the contest, the Harbor History Museum must garner the most “reviews” of its organizational information currently posted on GuideStar.

“We know we are incredibly fortunate to have a passionate and committed constituency,” said Board President Frank Ruffo. “If every supporter would take the time to write a review, we know we could be a contender for the GuideStar-KIMBIA Nonprofit Giveaway and could do great things with the prize money.”

Reviews will show donors and other stakeholders that Harbor History Museum is making an impact, working effectively toward its mission, and benefiting a worthy cause. Anyone with firsthand knowledge about Harbor History Museum who is not a paid employee of the museum—donors, volunteers, members, board members, and visitors—can write a review on GuideStar. Your review will appear in the museum’s profile on both GuideStar and GreatNonProfits, GuideStar’s partner that makes it possible to write and post reviews. There is no charge for writing a review, but you are limited to posting only one review for the organization.

Prize monies will be used by the Harbor History Museum to provide free bussing for area schoolchildren to participate in the Midway Pioneer School Experience.

“Budgets are tight in our local schools. We want to make sure there are no barriers to participation in our new Midway School Program. Free bussing for local schools would make the Midway School Experience truly accessible for hundreds of schoolkids,” said Jennifer Kilmer, Executive Director, “Winning the GuideStar –KIMBIA Nonprofit Giveaway would provide key funding for this program.”

About the Winter 2011 GuideStar-KIMBIA Nonprofit Giveaway

The giveaway begins on February 1, 2011, and ends at 11:59 p.m. EDT February 28, 2011. The organization that has received the most number of reviews on and during this period will win a grand prize of $5,000.

To write a review, please click on For more information, see the official rules at

The Gig Harbor Peninsula Historical Society dba Harbor History Museum was founded in 1963, and opened a museum in 1973. The Society moved in to their new 14,500 square foot facility in September 2010. The mission of the Harbor History Museum is to create opportunities to experience the heritage of the greater Gig Harbor communities. We do this by collecting, preserving, and sharing this area’s history. The museum is open Tuesday – Sunday, 10am – 5pm, except major holidays.  More information at